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Arrhythmia EP release: July 20, 2020

I’m super nervous and excited to announce that my Sophomore EP with Ben Binderow, titled Arrhythmia, will be officially released on the 20th July 2020. As you all know, I do a lot of brief work in the kpop and commercial markets. I spend hours crafting my skills to try and write smash pop songs that are full of hooks, catchy melodies, simple yet clear lyrics, and to try and get that “hit” song per se. This EP completely throws all of those rules and stylistic values out the window.

When it comes to my own personal taste, and the way that I love to write, I operate from a completely different perspective. See, when you are writing for someone else, you are always trying to work out what they would want to say, how they would want to feel, and what is going to be “marketable” for their audience and what will make the most money and therefore be most likely to get cut. But when it comes to writing for ME, I don’t have to think about those things. I can write as poetically and authentically as I please because there isn’t the pressure of having to fit perfectly to a brief or a box. Don’t get me wrong, I adore brief writing, and I LOVE a lot of the briefwork tracks my team and I create, and hopefully they find some homes.

But what allows me to grow and develop my skills and capabilities as a writer, which then ends up leaching into my brief writing, is experimentation, taking risks, and writing what truly feels authentic and representative of who I am as a human being.

This EP is a deep dive into the made shades and perspectives of my most vulnerable thoughts and feelings in relation to the people, perspectives and places in my life that I currently love, or have loved in the past. Over the span of the next few weeks in the lead up to the release, I’m going to deep dive into each of the songs to give some insight into what they are about, and into the production process Ben and I went through to create them. I really hope it gives you an insight into our creative process that I can’t give to you on my brief work because it’s all confidential. And I really hope that these songs resonate and make you feel something.

Much love,


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