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With a focus on K-pop, J-pop and Film and Television, these are Shalee's tracks that are represented by The Write Girls Publishing. 

Statistics don’t lie: there are less female songwriters, less female producers and less female musicians with hits and big successes to their names. Therefore, it is time for a change of emphasis in the music business, and that’s why we started ‘The Write Girls’.

 If you are a artist manager, music supervisor, or record label that would like to utilise one of these tracks, please contact The Write Girls Music Publishing at


Shalee's has a wide range of tracks that showcase her lyrical and melodic abilities, as well as her vocal performance in her toplining portfolio. Many of the tracks in Shalee's portfolio are designed for sync in film and television. If you would like to utilise one of her tracks, please head over to the contact page for more details on what Shalee and her team can do for your business. 

Official Label Releases

Shalee Gherbaz     Singer.Songwriter.Topliner    

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