Topliner&Songwriter    SHALEE GHERBAZ


Shalee is a professional topliner and songwriter from Melbourne Australia. She works both independently and with a range of Publishers, including The Write Girls in The Netherlands, ROBA Publishing in Germany, and Music Gateway's A&R Private Network in the UK. 

Her focus is predominately in the Asian and the US markets. She has pitched to a range of artists, including TWICE, BTS, Red Velvet, Weki Meki, Chung Ha, and many others. 

She has an incredibly dynamic, fast paced production team, working with a range of producers, topliners, and vocalists from all over the world. Her current core team includes US Producers Ben Binderow (Jamie LeRose), Matt Major (Missy Elliott, Diddy, BowWow), and Korean breakout Producer Shin Min Kyeong (IZ*ONE's Ayayaya). Rounding out her team is producer Elliott Mitchell and 80s pop sensation Debbie Gibson, with the trio focusing on writing for the kpop market in Debbie's signature infectious pop style.

Shalee also has a heart and voice of her own, and works with Producer Ben Binderow on their own personal releases, with their latest release Arrhythmia receiving rave reviews for it's unique cinematic pop soundscapes and Shalee's extraordinary ethereal vocal style.